Archipelago Diffuser Stem Private Reserve No 112

Archipelago Diffuser Stem Private Reserve No 112

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Archipelago Diffuser Stem Private Reserve No 112.

Ever wonder what the creators of fragrance take home when they want to enjoy a candle or diffuser? Now you can enjoy the same, high end fragrances that are smuggled out of the Archipelago Botanicals lab as hand poured samples - and coveted by special friends and family alike - .

Enjoy the private collection of personal blends. Each is a favorite of one of Archipelago's owners, and is cleverly labeled with the original lab number and "fragrance name", with striking graphics that play up the L.A. roots of the brand. A dramatic look, and a dramatic sensory experience that will thrill even the most discerning fragrance lover.

Fragrance: Fragrance No. 112 was created to be the perfect, updated floral - with Fresh Rosehips and Freesia that seem to blend effortlessly with Oakmoss, Musk, and the faintest hint of Patchouli.

Size: 8.2 fl oz./242 ml

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