Capri Blue Volcano No 6 Jewel Box

Capri Blue Volcano No 6 Jewel Box

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Capri Blue Volcano No 6 Jewel Box

Mercury glass is an age old technique to product reflective glass. This Capri-Blue by Aspen-Bay candle captures the look of antique mirrors and Mercury Glass vessels to complement and enhance your decor. Refining naturally pure soy wax to food grade purity produces a base with very low oil content that it absorbs twice as much fragrance oils as a typical candle resulting in very fragrant candles with clean super slow burn.
  • Fragrance: Heavenly. Tropical fruits and Sugared Citrus.
  • Size: Aprox. 4 in L x 3.75 in W x 2.25 in H, 6 oz

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