Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Potpourri

Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Potpourri

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Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Potpourri.

A natural and elegant alternative to traditional room spray. Freshen with our Refresher oils when fragrance begins to fade. Bitter Orange & Cedar Potpourri layers its rich woodland flora fragrance throughout your home. Blends all-natural amra, orange hibiscus and orange pods, tangerine orange bellani and exotic handmade flowers to create an elegant display.
  • Fragrance: Patchouli leaves, warm sandalwood and red cedar create the base upon which a soft layer of Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and Bourbon vanilla add a mild essence of comforting spice. Top notes of Valencia orange add brightness to this fragrance.
  • Size: 2 dry qts. / 2.2 dry L.

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