Trapp No 12 Guava Mango Home Fragrance Mist

Trapp No 12 Guava Mango Home Fragrance Mist

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Trapp No 12 Guava Mango Home Fragrance Mist.

Have an instant burst of fragrance right at hand with this petite Trapp room spray. A convenient small size that will fit in your bag, and is TSA friendly to take with you on the go. Have one in every room and car for fresh bursts of your signature fragrance.

At Trapp, "A bottle of perfume in every candle" is more than a tag line. It's true.
  • Fragrance: Transport yourself to the tropics. Bask in this tropical melange of succulent mango and flavorful guava nectars..
  • Size: 2.5 Oz. TSA friendly.

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