Trapp No 3-Frankincense & Rain Home Fragrance Mist

Trapp No 3-Frankincense & Rain Home Fragrance Mist

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Trapp No 3-Frankincense & Rain Home Fragrance Mist.

Liquid room spray in an elegant bottle with a pump atomizer.

To create a memorable fragrance, Trapp understands that Trapp Candles, votives, room mists and diffusers must be true to nature and fill a room completely with fragrance. To uphold these values, Trapp Candles searchs the far corners of the world for the best possible sources of fragrances for a pure & rich sensory experience.

At Trapp, “A bottle of perfume in every candle” is more than a tag line. It’s true.
  • Fragrance: Rich woody Frankincense mixed with rich Mediterranean spices creates an exotic sumptuous fragrance.
  • Size: 2.5 Oz. TSA friendly.

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