Voluspa Professional Chef Hand Scrub-Sommelier

Voluspa Professional Chef Hand Scrub-Sommelier

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Voluspa Professional Chef Hand Scrub-Sommelier.
15 Oz, in Glass Kitchen Jar made with Ruby Port, Mission Fig & Star Anise.

Washing and rinsing all day can leave hands feeling parched and dry. Voluspa's Professional Kitchen Hand Scrub is formulated to smooth and relieve dried skin with a quick scrub and rinse.

This unique hand scrub contains a potent combination of healing and emollient oils to maximize treatment and repair of dry hands. Organic Grape-seed Oil, and healing Borage Oil soothe and moisturize while Shea Butter and Organic Lavender flowers promote softening and healing. Medium Grain Sea Salt and Lemon Peel Granules gently exfoliate to remove dry dead skin and reveal soft new skin. Also effective for removing food odors from hands.

A must have in any professional kitchen! Does your kitchen deserve any less?.

Chef James Boyce was nominated for a James Beard award and is known for masterfully infusing California influences into classic French cuisine.

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