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Voluspa Reed Diffuser - Panjore Lychee

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Voluspa Reed Diffuser - Panjore Lychee

Item Id: # 21206
Brand: Voluspa


Voluspa Seasons 9.5oz Color Glass Aromatic Reed Diffuser - Panjore Lychee.

Experience Voluspa fragrance in a whole new way. Introducing the Seasons Collection fragrant oil diffusers. A custom designed bottle elegantly scaled to fit perfectly anywhere. Form and function come together in a unique and exquisitely fragrant design.
br>A bundle of 20 bamboo reeds will gently absorb the fragrance and diffuse scent when air drifts past them. Each reed is full of tiny air pockets that saturate with fragrance and release scent into the air continuously
The Voluspa Reed Diffuser - Panjore Lychee when properly maintained, will fragrance your room for months with minimal amount of maintenance. Follow these simple instructions:.
  • Always place in a safe location away from pets and kids.
  • Flip the reeds once every week or two for a fresh burst of fragrance.
  • Reeds have capillaries that do get clogged over time. Replace reeds every six weeks for optimum performance.
  • For less fragrance (for smaller rooms for instance) you can use less reeds.
  • When any oil diffuser is performing properly, eight ounces of fragrance should last approximately three months..
  • Diffuser refills are an economical and environmental way to refresh your diffuser container.
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