Puff Chairs

Look through all the available fabric options for the puff chairs by selecting the Puff Chair Fabric Options link, or go directly to any category you are interested in. <br /> Explore the available fabrics then click on any fabric to see all the available items in that fabric from puff chairs to puff rockers, ottomans or Linenfold replacement covers with or without foam inserts. Let us know if you would like fabric cuttings by using the Contact Us link above.

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Trapp Candles No 60-Jasmine Gardenia-3.75 Oz Poured Candle
Trapp Candles No 20-Water-3.75 Oz Poured Candle
Trapp Candles No 4-Orange Vanilla-8.75 Oz Poured Candle
Voluspa Yashioka Gardenia Chawan Bowl
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