Aquiesse Monterey Pine Travel Tin
Aquiesse Monterey Pine Travel Tin

Aquiesse Monterey Pine Travel Tin

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Aquiesse Monterey Pine Holiday Soy Candle-Travel Tin.

The AQUIESSE Soy Holiday Candle Collection uses a proprietary soy wax blend developed by Aquiesse through years of creating unique and fragrant soy candles. This soy wax blend allows for quick fragrance release and long burn time. Made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead-free wicks, Aquiesse candles are unsurpassed in burn quality and fragrance performance.
  • Fragrance: Aquiesse Monterey Pine Soy Holiday Candle brings the crisp fragrance of hilltop Evergreen pines, earthy Canadian balsam wood and fresh thyme into your home, evoking a misty morning journey through a coastal forest grove.
  • Size: 2 oz. 20+ hours burn time.

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