Maison de Nest 5 PC Votive Set
Maison de Nest 5 PC Votive Set

Maison de Nest 5 PC Votive Set

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Maison de Nest 5 PC Votive Set

Three Nest Holiday votives & two Nest Birchwood Pine votives in a majestic gift set. These candles will enhance your surroundings, and uplift your soul.
Made of proprietary highly refined cosmetic grade wax incorporating the same grade of waxes used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The wax is made of a blend of paraffin, soy and natural oils creating a wax base that is super clean burning and is optimized for superior fragrance throw.
  • Fragrance: Holiday: A multi faceted fragrance with layers of pomegranate, and pine mixed with spicy cinnamon and clove on a bed of creamy vanilla and rich sultry Amber.
    Birchwood Pine: Capturing the essence of a leisurely stroll through a majestic forest of filling your lungs with the invigorating aromas of white pines, fir tree balsam, birchwoods enriched with a base layer of musk and rich amber. Bring the forest home with the Nest Birchwood Pine fragrance.
  • Size: 5 X 2 Oz (57 gm)

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