Packaging Recycling Environmentally Friendly packing peanuts
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: At Zanadia we strive to do our part to reduce waste and preserve our natural resources. We use recyclable boxes and as many recycled boxes when possible.

Our packaging peanuts are Corn Starch based, they are non-toxic and very biodegradable. This type of peanuts will literally melt in water, and is easier to handle because it does not hold a static charge.

On occasion we will reuse packing peanuts that we receive from vendors to avoid sending them to landfills. To recycle plastic loose fill (Styrofoam peanuts) you can call (800) 828-2214 to find the nearest styrofoam drop-off location and keep this packaging material in circulation.
As an alternative you can find the closest location by visiting the EPS Industry Alliance: Find a Re-Use Location web site.

There are over 1,500 collection sites for loose fill in the US contributing to the reuse of 30% of total volume of loose fill packaging. Be part of the loop... Recycle.

Most of the recycling centers will accept peanuts and bubble wrap. Please call first to find individual location requirements and hours.

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