Seda France Red Amber Jardins Soap

Seda France Red Amber Jardins Soap

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Seda France Red Amber Jardins Soap.

This elegant Seda France Jardins collection is inspired by the opulent French tradition of Chinoiserie. Majestic Pagodas and Cherry trees in Asian gardens are depicted in fanciful decoration.
Each soap bar is hand wrapped in this beautiful custom designed paper and infused with the amazing Seda France Jardins fragrances.

Fragrance: Red or "cherry amber" amber has been one of the most rare and coveted of the amber jewels since Neolithic times. Our Seda France Jardins Red Amber has a collection of some of our own most coveted candle fragrances: notes of gardenia, frangipani rose, jasmine, geranium and orange flower followed by the sweetness and spice of orange oil, ginger, peach, green leaf, clove, musk, patchouli, rich vanilla and tropical coconut.


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